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The occasion is the workshop titled “The supplement importance in sport practice. The Gatorade case history: when the sponsor helps improving  performance” The event is organized in collaboration with Coni Servizi at the Olympic Preparation Centre “Giulio Onesti” of Rome.

The special guest of the event is the Jamaican champion Usain Bolt, who is in Italy for the Compeed Golden Gala and to present the new Gatorade “Bolt”, a special edition that combines the historic sport drink and the fastest man on earth.

The event was held in the Aula Magna of the Sport Science and Medical Institute of the Olympic Preparation Centre “Giulio Onesti” at Acqua Acetosa. The workshop is dedicated to students and athletes of the Coni sport federation.

The workshop faces the topics indicated in the title and will bring the Jamaican record holder as an example of efficiency and maximum performance. The event will also explore issues related to hydration and nutrition in sports, leaving time for questions and curiosity from the audience.

The project was born from an idea developed by ISM, which is an active part in every phase. ISM organizes the conference, takes care of the invitations and the related event communication, as well as creating the support materials. The agency is also involved in the athlete management and relations with the involved institutions.