Patrick de Gayardon, the icon of the skydiving

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Patrick de Gayardon was the pioneer of skydiving and set two records for free-falling with no oxygen. Patrick jumped from Salto Angel in Venezuela and in Sotano de las Golondrinas (Mexico), heroic achievements that have penetrated in the collective imagination also thanks to the Sector Watches ads.

ISM was at his side every time he established a new record and during most of his spectacular events. Patrick de Gayardon died on April 13th 1998. He was putting the finishing touches on flying with his new creation: a wing-suit (bat-suit) that allowed gliding for long distances before landing.

ISM backed Patrick and supported his expeditions, conceived and produced graphic & audiovisual materials, developed the merchandising while at the same time managing Media and Public Relations in Italy and abroad.

In 1987 Artime had a turnover of 10 billion Lira and the company commissioned ISM a study to determine the positioning of the Sector brand.The extreme sport genre was fertile ground for the No Limits phenomenon. Low investment levels, no competitors of note and events with a strong Media impact.

ISM was in charge of sports marketing, Media relations, events and the company’s special initiatives.In 1998 at the end of its association with ISM, Artime had a turnover of over 300 billion Lira and Sector was the leading brand in the watch industry in Italy.