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MINI is the star of the milan fashion week sept 08 offering a preview of the new mini bags s/s 2009 collection and presenting accessories of the mini collection during the event a fleet of personalized MINI Clubman cars was made available to a select group of journalist as a courtesy car service.

This project was targeted to fashion lifestyle media and the goal was to garner editorial coverage for new MINI bags s/s 2009 collection personalizing the MINI Clubman highlighted even more the unique extrovert and irresistible nature of the MINI.

The MINI fashion week was a smashing success thanks to the media s massive turnout at the MINI bags s/s 2009 collection event and thanks to the editorial coverage secured in fashion lifestyle media.

In 1996 BMW Italia had entrusted Ism with communicating the lifestyle collection which included bikes clothing apparel and exclusive accessories the overall objective was create ongoing connections with extrasector media to secure editorial coverage in the fashion trend and society columns.

Years later through Ism these freshly built connections were put to use in launching the new mini and promoting BMW Group projects which fall beyond the traditional financial and product areas of communication.