Luna Rossa

Our responsibilities

Strategy and coordination Media relations Sport Marketing Visual Design Events management Production support

The project aims to offer new promotion possibilities to BMW dealers network which counts more than hundred showrooms in Italy. The aim is to create ‘traffic’ in the showrooms, involving new targets and bringing families closer to the BMW brand through the typical ‘JOY’ concept of the brand.

BMW KIDS TOUR is the roadshow organized by BMW throughout Italy aimed at focusing attention of kids. Dedicated to the world of children, the project combines the pleasure and fun of the automotive world and the culture of road safety.

ISM has been involved since the design phase, realizing two parallel road shows, dealing with logistics and support materials. ISM manages contacts with institutional partners (Road Patrol Police and schools) and commercial partners (Nintendo, Lego, Trudi, Giunti, Mattel, Città del Sole). Moreover ISM designs and implements the digital guest registration system. The success of the initiative leads BMW Italia to repeat the project for 8 consecutive years. From 2011 to 2018 more than 70 dealers have been involved in the project.