Flavia Pennetta and Gatorade

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Palermo, Italia

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Flavia Pennetta took part in the sweat test of the Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI) – the laboratory based in Illinois (USA) that since 1965 has been studying the science of hydration and sports nutrition. The tennis player was involved during a training session held on Monday 12 July at the Country Time Club of Palermo.

The sweat test is aimed at studying the proper nutrition and hydration status of athletes and was conducted by Nicola Sponsiello, a nutritionist and Italian responsible for the GSSI, in collaboration with the Italian tennis player staff.

The test has contributed to provide important indications regarding the level of hydration of the athlete. The results were also useful to the medical staff who created a dedicated program to prevent the player from dehydrating, improving his performances and preventing cramps, blows of heat and loss of attention during the games.

ISM took care of the coordination of the test with the Italian medical-scientific staff of GSSI, the coordination of support activities and relations with the tennis staff. ISM has also carried out press office activities, creating contents and managing relations with the Media.

Gatorade arrives in Italy in 1988. Since then ISM is involved in the promotion of the brand with press office services, sports marketing, event management and image. Since 2004 ISM deals with the development and implementation of Pro-marketing projects and related web activities.