Strategy & Coordination

Our strategy and coordination team is responsible for project planning, development and management related to public relations, sport marketing and events.

Our staff is the point of reference for the press communication department, the creative team and production managers. Our structure offers a “modular” collaboration approach. Interfacing with clients and their agencies, we are able to provide assistance in single and multiple areas, up to the complete project management.

Feasibility studies Planning and events creativity Planning and events creativity Logistics operational and onsite presence Time scheduling and cost planning Positioning Project management Reporting and budget control Opportunities research Results Check

Media relation

Reliability, competence and experience are key points to support informers to effectively transfer company culture, products, events and testimonials.

With extensive publishing experience, we offer a targeted and timely service to news agencies, newspapers’ directors, editors, correspondents, opinion leaders, hosts and authors of broadcasting programs. With a double goal; create advantages for our clients and for the Media. We prefer quality rather than quantity, we cultivate long-term relationships and we know publishing time schedules and systems by monitoring constantly the media internal organisation: all these characteristics are appreciated and give value to our work.

Press conferences Coordination of foreign agency networks Definition and update of mailing lists Processing and production of informative systems Monitoring of competitors activities Product placement Production and distribution of Video News Releases Contacts with local and international Media Press reviews and result evaluation Social forum networking Task service Web content providing

Sports Marketing

Sport represents a great basin of events, personalities and emotions which give a high value to communication.

If you are planning to communicate through sport, we guarantee strategic and operative support. Our skilled team will provide you with all the required information in order to identify the most suitable areas and activities to reach your goals.
Our main goal is to transfer a broad target with the same emotional intensity of sports fans and insiders. Our interventions arise from a clear perspective of the dynamics existing in the world of sports: teams, athletes, organizers, companies, agents, supporters and Media.

Branding Comarketing Contract consultancy Agencies coordination Sponsor coordination Management of events and testimonials agendas Image Technical and logistics organization Contacts with sport Authorities and Leagues Search and selection of opportunities Negotiations

Events management

The development of communication projects require the production of special events

Our know-how in the planning and management of road promotional tours, in addition to incentive or corporate events, strengthen our projects and spread the company key words. When necessary, we are able to identify best Media partnerships to achieve the goal.

Conferences Conventions Exhibitions Sport events Guerrilla Openings Incentive Live TV and web Presentations Press trips Educational Educational projects TV programs Temporary showrooms Tours Viral

Visual design

Visual organization of images, words, emotions and information have a strong impact in transmitting ideas and key-values.

ISM Italia provides their clients with experience and creative resources able to ensure consistent styles and contents for the development of corporate identity projects and communication campaigns, as well as for publications, videos, websites and miscellaneous other support material.

Annual Reports Brochures DVD Corporate identity Headline boards Trademarks and logotypes Newsletters Packaging, merchandising and special materials Photo post production One off productions Settingup design Web design Publishing projects Company and events signposts Printed support materials POP Materials Videos and video graphics

Production support

We have built our know-how with several projects with 25-years past experience by handling complex and diverse needs

Achieved also through the collaboration of competent and reliable partners. Sea, mountains, sky, desert – Natural environments and city landscapes are our field of action. We have worked globally by selecting local partners and collaborators in each country, strengthening the international value of our agency.

Settingup Branding Catering Lighting, audio and video systems Location Logistics Media planning and buying Merchandising Accommodation and tours Artistic, technical and reception staff Video and multimedia production and postproduction Promoters and local correspondents Web services Photoreports Temporary and inflatable structures Translation and interpreting services Satellite broadcasting