Since 1984 we shape and boost the voice of our clients. Their success is our history and experience.

ISM was created in 1984 in Milan from the intuition that sport would have become a powerful tool of corporate communication.
From sports marketing to corporate communication. Thanks to quality projects and client trust, ISM has extended its areas to lifestyle and products communication, and has become one of the most well-established communication agencies in Italy.


Market globalisation and brand competitiveness areĀ ever-engaging challenges of communication.

Challenges that require significantly increasing investments in order to build a reputation and achieve success. Image value in agora media, where now brand and product selection and preference is exercised, is even more precious for company success.


Strong core history characterised by team spirit and low turnover.

Press office services, sports marketing programmes, creative and visual design, public relations, production support, and events. We can plan, communicate and manage the accomplishment of these services. ISM is able to efficiently coordinate all the resources committed on a communication project. In more critical situations we have the capability to fully absorb client operations, allowing Managers to concentrate on strategic issues and develop qualified relation.